My Story

Hi, I’m Aida.

A Multi passionate visual artist.

I was born-and-raised in Tehran, attained a bachelor degree in Graphic Design. Then I started working as a graphic designer while teaching in my spare time and dreaming to travel the rest of the world. I was 28 years when I finally made my big decision of moving out of Iran and that was start of a new chapter in my life.

Malaysia was my destination where I studied for a Masters in Visual Art whilst working as a graphic/web designer.

I’ve been married to Chris, a British citizen for the past 6 years. We have 1 lovely daughter, Maya who was born in March 2016 in Malaysia.

I’m also into Illustration, Batik, Painting and Craft and have a love for beautiful fabrics. is also documenting our passion for traveling.

Maya was the inspiration (and still is) behind MayaNicole Designs. This journey started when I decided to make her a teepee. I was very happy with the outcome and that’s how MayaNicole teepee was born to make affordable, hand made quality teepees which boys and girls can enjoy as much as our daughter Maya does. Shortly more range of products added to my online shop, which among them MayaNicole Yoga mat bags was the start of another journey for me.


MayaNicole Yoga started with a new yoga mat that I used to carry with me to yoga class. I was tired of juggling my purse/coffee/phone with a mat in my hand. So, I made my own yoga mat bag. I chose a colourful woven fabric which I still use it to this day.

MayaNicole bags were born the next day when a friend asked for one, who then told her friends, who asked for more, and so on.

Savasana Eye pillows filled with organic flaxseed and lavender are new addition to MayaNicole Yoga products.


MayaNicole Yoga is an ethical business committed to our mother earth and environmental conservation. I try to do my bit, by consuming responsibly, and if we do it together it WILL make a difference. I use as much recycled or rescued material as possible.

Another value I take very seriously, is to make sure that everything I use is cruelty free, and vegan as much as possible.  Research goes into each medium, making sure that no mediums or dyes that I use are tested on animals. So you can rest assured that nothing was harmed in the making of your new artwork!

I thank you for visiting my shop and choosing my products.

All the love!

Aida Xx